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Writing a Standard Permission Slip in 5 Steps

by ZippSlip , on December 26, 2018


If you want to take your students off campus to expand learning, getting a signed permission slip from their guardian is a must. While many schools have templates readily available, sometimes you need to create one specifically for the outing you have planned.

Below we have outlined 5 simple steps to creating a permission slip to meet your needs.

Step1: Choose your platform

Today’s teachers have a choice. You can either Utilize a word-processing program on your computer or an online permission slip platform.  No matter what platform you choose, making sure that the form is clear and legible is essential. Make use of a clear and also basic font styles such as Times New Roman or Arial in size 11 or 12.

Step 2: Include Relevant Details

Include all of the relevant details for the activity. Respond to all the concerns that refer to the particular task. These might include: who, what, when, where, why, how much, as well as the means of transport. This info, which summarizes the journey, should be at the top of the record. Below is an instance of just how these concerns can be addressed in the consent slip:

Mrs. Tucker's English courseWhat: The course will certainly be traveling to the Alberta Street Library.When: 8:30 am - 11:30 am, Friday, May 10th, 2019Where: The Alberta Street CollectionWhy: The course will certainly be going to take a trip of the library.Price: No chargeWay of Transport: We will take a school bus.

Step 3: Add Consent Line

Produce a line for the mom and dad or guardian to offer explicit consent. You may be required to have a statement where the parent or guardian composes that they allow for their youngster to take the trip.

Here is an instance of this line: I, (moms and dad or guardian's name), allow for my youngster, (kid's name), to attend the school trip to (place of field trip) with (company or adult's name who is leading the journey).

Step 4: Add Emergency Details

If a child has specific allergies or a medical issue, you’ll want to have all your bases covered. By adding some room for the parent or guardian to offer info concerning allergies as well as medical conditions will help make sure you are prepared.

Simply add a line with some space to answer like so.

"Pertinent Allergies/Medical Conditions: _________."

Step 5. Add an emergency contact option

Add a line for an emergency call contact number on the slip. This is the individual that can be called if something takes place to the kid and also their moms and dad or guardian can't be reached.

You can create "Emergency Call Call: _________" and "Emergency Situation Contact Phone Number: _________."

Step 6. Signature required

To make the permission slip official, you are going to need to get a signature. At the end of all the details about the event, add a line for the guardian to sign. We also recommend you have a place for them to print their name and add a date.

While permission slips don’t have to be fancy, they will ensure that your students and guardians give you all the information you need for a great trip. While paper can get the job done, utilizing online permission slip software can simplify the process and make sure that all your students information is in one place.

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