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Why is education so reluctant to embrace technology?

by ZippSlip , on December 24, 2018

After a slow start, Education starts to embrace technology as early adopters make huge cost savings. As the academic year is drawing to a close, preparations are already in hand for the colossal administrative feat that every school has to achieve at the beginning of the next one.

But as we head off on summer holidays, taking flights that we have booked on the internet, and paid for with our online bank accounts, and stay in accommodation that we round via an app, school registration seems to be stuck in the ‘hard copy’ age, and mired in piles and piles of paper.

The Education sector has lagged behind a lot of others (retail and banking to name but two) in adopting technology, particularly when it comes to engaging with parents. This is often for good reason though: most schools don’t have in-house IT expertise and often don’t have their own budget to evaluate and invest in new systems. New technology often arrives in schools via Districts – and sometimes these systems can be difficult to implement.

In the meantime, multiple sheets of paper are sent out where parents are often expected to supply the same information over and over again, that is assuming that their handwriting is legible, and that they actually fill out the information at all. Schools have to cope with the combined horrors of data input, unscrambling incorrect information and chasing outstanding forms.

It seems that the culture of paper is still strong in education and but there is a great desire to see “what is out there”. Here at ZippSlip, we are committed to delivering a Superintendents, Principals and their administrative teams the tremendous time and cost saving benefits of replacing paper with the combination electronic forms and online workflows – LESS PAPER and more time and accountability.

The good news is that a combination of cost savings on paper and ink, the ability to use precious staff on more productive tasks and a huge increase in engagement with parents, means that information regarding more than 500,000 students’ records is now gathered via forms on ZippSlip. You can read here how schools across the US are reaping the benefits.

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