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How Much Time Does it Take for Your School to Manage Online Registration?

There are many people involved in the school registration process, but the day-to-day management falls primarily on our front office staff. Between creating and updating forms, copying, filing,... Read Story

Six Key Benefits of Online School Registration Software

Registration is one of the most complex administrative tasks we deal with in education. It is also the activity that typically comprises our very first interaction with new families.  Read Story

Why K-12 Schools Should Manage Student Enrollment Online

With spending plans under analysis more than ever, institutions need to work hard to minimize prices while still supplying the highest-quality education and learning possible. The digital revolution... Read Story

School Registration Software For Schools In Budget Cuts

It seems that every year school districts and individual schools face difficult decisions due to budget issues. There are so many needs, yet almost never enough money in the budget to adequately meet... Read Story

Principals Using School Online Registration Advantage

Principals know that there is a wide variety of people with which to communicate in a school: students, teachers, parents, other administrators, board members, government, and community members. When... Read Story