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School Registration Software For Schools In Budget Cuts

by ZippSlip , on July 25, 2018
School Budget Cuts are Leading to Innovation in School Registration Software

It seems that every year school districts and individual schools face difficult decisions due to budget issues. There are so many needs, yet almost never enough money in the budget to adequately meet those needs. Will art be defunded this year? What about music? Maybe physical education? Perhaps some teachers will take early retirement and not be replaced, while class sizes increase.

It’s the dilemma that every school district faces.

According to 2015 U.S. Census data, reported by The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), “In 29 states, total state funding per student was lower in the 2015 school year than in the 2008 school year, before the recession took hold.” Local school districts have struggled to make up the difference and many have been unable to replace the loss in state funding with local funding. To add to an already tenuous situation, schools are facing pressure to increase student achievement to prepare them to contribute to the workforce of the future. Reforms such as reducing the student to teacher ratio, improving teacher quality, and increasing daily learning time have been thwarted due to funding cuts. The CBPP report goes on to state that “the number of public K-12 teachers and other school workers has fallen by 135,000 since 2008, the number of students has risen by 1,419,000.”

It can be stressful for school districts as they have to respond to parents’ questions and concerns about the quality of education and the supplies their children will receive at school. Districts want the best for their schools, which includes supporting their principals, teachers, staff, and students to the best of their abilities. Sometimes that’s more difficult than it should be because support can’t always go as far as needed when the school has to make due with a shoestring budget.

School Registration Software Helps Schools With Reduced Budgets

One way that school districts can assure parents that there will be more room in the school budget for personnel, curriculum, or other items that truly help the children’s education is by switching from paper-based registration to utilizing school registration software which allows parents to register online.

Using ZippSlip’s electronic registration system, which parents can access from their computers or smart device, in the language of their choice, helps schools save money on:

  • paper
  • labor involved in creating and printing forms, collating and distributing them, and collecting them
  • the time it takes staff to enter the data, which is often incomplete
  • ink for the printer
  • toner for the photocopiers
  • maintenance fees when the copier breaks down
  • postage fees
  • filing cabinets
  • storage space in the school that could be put to better use

One of the biggest costs that many people may not realize is that amount of staff time that is spent on deciphering the handwriting and data on paper forms and then entering it. Language barriers are increasingly becoming an issue in school registration, as well. Implementing school registration technology by using ZippSlip will increase productivity and lower costs.

ZippSlip’s Proven Results

Using ZippSlip to eliminate the hassle and cost of paper-based registration will help school districts save time and money, as evidenced by our case study of a school district of more than 50,000 students in 75 different schools in Virginia. This large district was able to eliminate hundreds of hours of labor as well as the cost of printing 5 million or more pages of paper. They were able to go from approximately 101 pages of paper per student to an electronic system that eradicated all of that.

Your school can have similar results by making the switch to online school registration software.

ZippSlip offers a quick demo to learn more about how school online registration can benefit you and your school’s registration process. Our streamlined process means that within a week, you can join over a million people across the United States and Europe that are using ZippSlip. Contact us to learn more.

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