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How School Digital Health Forms Ensure Student Safety

by ZippSlip , on September 11, 2018
Online School Health Forms Ensure Student Safety

Executing an emergency plan effectively is a key part of serving our student body well. As Administrators, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. When it comes to communicating accurate medical information about our students, digital health forms help eliminate time-wasting steps and ensure accurate information is communicated quickly to all necessary parties.

When a child is injured on the playground or reacts to an allergen exposure while at school, we only have a few minutes to identify the issue, react, and respond. In these scenarios, our teachers are the first responders and communicators until medical professionals arrive.

Whether at school or on a field trip, our teachers need the ability to access their students’ medical information during a crisis quickly. Every minute spent gathering information on a student’s medical history takes away from comforting the child, calling for help, and administering life-saving interventions such as an epi-pen. Digital health forms are a simple solution to help teachers respond quickly and accurately in a medical emergency.

How School Digital Health Forms Ensure Student Safety


Digital health forms remove the guesswork from illegible handwriting, water damage, or torn papers. More than that, when parents fill out health forms digitally, it removes the risk of them overlooking an important page and reduces the time the school nurse spends chasing down parents at the beginning of the year to request form updates.

If there is a health insurance change, or a newly diagnosed allergy during the school year, parents can access and update digital health forms through their private account. This stops the paper chain and immediately updates all necessary parties with the same information, at the same time.

Digital health forms also ensure accuracy by offering multilingual options. The ability to remove a language barrier between parents and teachers helps them communicate effectively about a child’s medical information. It also reduces miscommunication and misunderstanding during an emergency.


A challenge with paper health forms is complying with HIPAA and FERPA regulations, while still making sure teachers, medical professionals, and first responders all receive accurate medical information when it’s needed.

Digital forms easily travel with teachers to the playground or on a field trip. Teachers can download PDF copies onto tablets or smartphones, making health forms accessible anywhere, regardless of internet or cell service.


School nurses manage multiple student health records, which must be kept confidential, available only to authorized staff, and protected from damage or loss, including:

  • Physical examination and immunization records
  • Screening records
  • Progress notes
  • Physician orders
  • Medication and treatment logs
  • Reports of injury
  • Healthcare plans
  • Consent forms
  • Management of students’ chronic conditions
  • Insurance billing forms
    (Source: National Association of School Nurses)

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