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Principals Using School Online Registration Advantage

by ZippSlip , on July 13, 2018
Principals Using School-Online-Registration-Advantage

Principals know that there is a wide variety of people with which to communicate in a school: students, teachers, parents, other administrators, board members, government, and community members. When it comes to parents and registration, however, it’s an event all its own.

Paper-based School Registration Systems

Even the most organized, paper-based registration systems are often chaotic. With long work weeks, scheduling and administrative tasks can be burdensome on everyone. That is why school principals are moving to online registration in their schools. Schools use various forms which have to be copied, sorted, and handed out to the students to bring home. Or they mail the forms to the parents, with the potential that the many forms could get misplaced, have food spilled on them, or accidentally thrown away. Then there is the issue of storing all those files once they are collected. What a headache!

The Advantages of School Online Registration

This makes using ZippSlip ideal for principals who want to be able to run their school in a more organized and efficient manner. Using ZippSlip for school online registration allows the parents to fill out the required forms and submit them to the school electronically, allowing the parents to find their ideal time to do it, and saving the school a step in manually entering all of the data.

Some of the other benefits to ZippSlip are:

  • Huge reduction in administration time as data goes straight into the SIS
  • Faster and more accurate response from parents
  • Easy to update forms from the prior year because information is saved
  • Email alerts to parents to let them know registration time has come
  • Forms are saved online and do not need to be printed and filed
  • Alleviates the burden on the school budget for paper and ink

Using ZippSlip will help principals more effectively lead and manage their schools. Interaction with teachers, parents, and students will be enhanced, improving communication and fostering better relationships. Ultimately, the school will be an incredible place of learning and growth of which principals can be proud.

Principals will be able to better spend their time developing a vision and plan for academic success, making the school climate one that students, teachers, and parents enjoy and want to be a part of. Parents will appreciate that the school is using state-of-the-art technology in school administration. It’s a win for all involved.

ZippSlip is Here to Help

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