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Parents Respond to Electronic Permission Slips Faster and More Accurately

by ZippSlip , on August 21, 2018
parents respond to online permission slips faster

All school districts require parents to sign school permission slips for their children, whether it is for a field trip, permission to be picked up from school by someone other than a parent or legal guardian, to play sports, take a specific class, join an after-school program, or even to watch a movie.

There are so many different kinds of forms and information needed that there are even websites dedicated to templates to create paper permission slips. With schools and teachers all downloading forms to use for their needs, it is hard to keep track of who needs forms for the different activities, as well as, who has signed and returned their forms. This leads to problems for the students: if their parent doesn’t sign and return the form, they are the one that misses out on the opportunity.

Paper Forms Have More Room for Error Than Electronic Permission Slips

There’s also a possibility that with so many people editing and creating paper forms, information may not be accurate or uniform among all teachers, even those who are sending out forms for the same event.

ZippSlip’s electronic school permission slips are the best solution for schools. Here’s why:

  • online permission slips ensure accurate information from parents
  • online forms reduce paperwork and lower paper, ink, and photocopy costs
  • forms can be translated into multiple languages
  • schools can create forms and reuse them indefinitely
  • customizable forms fit the school's and teachers’ needs
  • electronic permission forms can include videos or pdf attachments
  • find any form instantly with online search
  • securely share information only with the teachers and administrators that need access

Electronic Permission Slips Make Payments Easy

Some activities and field trips require parents to send in money with their children; leaving a greater likelihood of both the permission slip and the money getting lost, or worse, stolen. With ZippSlip, a parent can sign the form right on their smartphone, computer, or other mobile device and pay the fee online.

More Permission Slips Returned, More Time to Teach

When a teacher quickly and easily sends out a permission slip through ZippSlip, they can spend more time doing what they are meant to do: teach. This is a better use of their time than photocopying, collating paper forms to be sent home, and then tracking down signed forms and payments.

Using ZippSlip a teacher can quickly check and see who has, and has not, returned the form electronically, and then send an electronic reminder about signing the form. Difficulties that arise from language barriers also decrease, as ZippSlip translates the forms into different languages.

There are many problems that schools and teachers have to deal with each day. Permission slips shouldn’t be one of them.

Let ZippSlip help you eliminate paperwork, reduce errors, and increase your permission slip return rate. Contact us for an online demo to learn how ZippSlip can transform your school communications and administration with a mobile-friendly, cloud-based system that is compatible with all major SIS platforms. Our multi-lingual electronic forms and workflow platform is optimized for the K-12 educational marketplace.

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