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Six Key Benefits of Online School Registration Software

by ZippSlip , on January 23, 2019

Registration is one of the most complex administrative tasks we deal with in education. It is also the activity that typically comprises our very first interaction with new families. 

So shouldn’t we try to make this arduous task as easy and pain-free as possible - for both parents and staff? Here’s how online school registration software can help us do just that.

How Online School Registration Software Benefits Both Schools and Families

More Convenient for Working Families. With more families being comprised of two full-time working parents, requiring them to come to the school during business hours can pose a significant hardship. With online school registration software, parents no longer need to come to the office to pick up or drop off their child’s registration packet.

Better Access for Non-Native English Speakers. Approximately 25% of children speak a language other than English at home, and while fluency among parents varies widely, language can be a significant barrier to school registration. Using an electronic system for registration allows for the immediate translation of forms into a variety of languages, reducing barriers to enrollment and increasing access for our ELL students.

Reduced Workload for Staff. A lot of work around student registration is redundant for our busy office staff. They find themselves answering the same clarifying questions over and over, review the completed forms when they’re dropped off by parents to ensure accuracy, and then have to manually input the data into the school information system. When we choose an online school registration software that integrates with our district’s platform, we eliminate the need for cross-checking and data entry. Required fields ensure that no form is submitted incomplete, and a student’s data is automatically entered into the school information system rather than requiring manual entry by staff.

Improved Response Rate by Parents. Using technology to facilitate registration increases the parent response rate. With the forms accessible from any location - including their phone - parents complete them at their convenience. Many will complete them immediately upon receipt because of the ease and accessibility of having all the forms at their fingertips.

Increased Accuracy of Data. Using online school registration software eliminates the problem of interpreting illegibly handwritten registration forms from parents and reduces the need for manual data entry by office staff, which invariably comes with the occasional human error. It also allows us to easily include clarifying information about questions that are frequently answered incorrectly without the need to edit, re-format, and re-print paper registration packets. This increases the overall accuracy of the student information we have in our school information system.

More Environmentally Friendly. Registration and re-enrollment packets are some of the bulkiest printed materials we give to our parents. Moving all of this information to an electronic platform, that is easily accessed from anywhere, reduces paperwork and supports “green” initiatives. Plus it reduces printing, paper, and ink costs.

School Registration Software that Works

If you’re looking for a way to ease your paperwork burden and reduce staff workload, ZippSlip does it all. Not only can parents complete registration forms online, but teachers can send out field trip permission forms, and schools can even securely collect fees and payments. Contact ZippSlip today to see what they can do for your district!

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