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How Do You Implement Digital Forms in a School District?

by Ravi Gorur , on January 31, 2019

Paper forms, digital forms, online forms - forms, forms, forms!

As a parent, we are asked for contact information by each teacher, over and over again. Why?? We get inundated with paper, often a crumpled mess (when the kids were younger), often at the last minute to sign a permission slip. Every form asks for the same info, making the parent enter information the school should already have. We also get robo-calls from the schools for routine items, which we learn to ignore (not even pickup). So in a real emergency, we may not pay attention.  Also as a parent working in a commercial environment, we notice all the ridiculous administrative paperwork school staff have to do (printing, collating, distributing, etc.).

That’s when I realized that there was an IT solution to all this administrative madness which is how ZippSlip was born (although I slowly realized what a complex issue it was).

Whether in the commercial or educational space, new systems can be a mixed blessing - the ultimate rewards can be great, but boy, it can be a lot of work to get them!  Again, as someone with a technical background, I know this only too well, but I hadn’t had any experience in Ed Tech. There are some unique challenges in the Ed Tech space that just don’t exist in the commercial tech space

Typically, K-12 schools and districts face a few challenges which make Ed Tech different than Commercial Tech, such as:

  • Lack or fewer IT resources, especially in implementation and training

  • Technology for administrative tasks not seen as a critical component to the core educational mission

  • Multiple free solutions exist that allow for “coping” with parental engagement

  • System integration, especially with these free systems, is difficult at best and frequently impossible.

  • District or school leadership may or may not have experience with new technologies and thus are reluctant to change.

  • All staff at schools and districts seem to be over-taxed!

Not surprisingly, new systems are difficult “sells” in the K-12 tech space.

So, what we offer at ZippSlip is:

Ease of implementation, ease of integration, ease of use and mobile-centricity are the four cardinal rules here at ZippSlip (I know, it should be three…).

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