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How Much Time Does it Take for Your School to Manage Online Registration?

There are many people involved in the school registration process, but the day-to-day management falls primarily on our front office staff. Between creating and updating forms, copying, filing,... Read Story

Save Time and Hassle Using Online Permission Slips

At a glance, permission slips seem simple. In fact, when considered in the whole field-trip-planning process, printing and collecting permission slips is one of the least complicated tasks. Read Story

How Do We Get Parents On Board with Online Permission Slips?

The administrators understand the value of electronic school forms. The teachers understand that adopting technological advancements decrease their workload. Now that all the internal staff is on... Read Story

Using Digital Health Forms to Manage Children's Illnesses and Allergies

Few things are more critical to handle properly than a student’s health and medical information. Not only can there be life-threatening consequences for mishandling this important data, but there may... Read Story

Six Key Benefits of Online School Registration Software

Registration is one of the most complex administrative tasks we deal with in education. It is also the activity that typically comprises our very first interaction with new families.  Read Story

Why K-12 Schools Should Manage Student Enrollment Online

With spending plans under analysis more than ever, institutions need to work hard to minimize prices while still supplying the highest-quality education and learning possible. The digital revolution... Read Story

Writing a Standard Permission Slip in 5 Steps

If you want to take your students off campus to expand learning, getting a signed permission slip from their guardian is a must. While many schools have templates readily available, sometimes you... Read Story

Why is education so reluctant to embrace technology?

After a slow start, Education starts to embrace technology as early adopters make huge cost savings. As the academic year is drawing to a close, preparations are already in hand for the colossal... Read Story

10 Tips for Better Field Trips

Tired of planning the same field trip year after year? Looking for ways to get more from out of these adventures? Below we’ve put together a list of 10 simple tips that will help you take your... Read Story

The Best Online School Payment Software Has These Features

Throughout the year, there are many occasions where parents need to submit payments to their children’s school. Whether it’s for tuition payments, sports or club fees, field trip costs, or school... Read Story