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10 Tips for Better Field Trips

Tired of planning the same field trip year after year? Looking for ways to get more from out of these adventures? Below we’ve put together a list of 10 simple tips that will help you take your... Read Story

The Best Online School Payment Software Has These Features

Throughout the year, there are many occasions where parents need to submit payments to their children’s school. Whether it’s for tuition payments, sports or club fees, field trip costs, or school... Read Story

How School Digital Health Forms Ensure Student Safety

Executing an emergency plan effectively is a key part of serving our student body well. As Administrators, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. When it comes to communicating accurate... Read Story

4 Ways Digital Permission Slips Make Every Field Trip a Great Learning Experience

It’s the beginning of a new school year! Schools may be planning several field trips this year. Students are always excited to venture beyond the classroom, whether it’s to the zoo, aquarium, or... Read Story

Parents Respond to Electronic Permission Slips Faster and More Accurately

All school districts require parents to sign school permission slips for their children, whether it is for a field trip, permission to be picked up from school by someone other than a parent or... Read Story

Online Student Health Forms Give Parents of Children with Allergies Peace of Mind

With the first day of school fast approaching, some parents will have concerns and fears about the safety of their children who have allergies or other medical conditions. Some allergies, such as ... Read Story

Breaking the Language Barrier Using Online Permission Slips

Children get very excited when it is time for their class to go on a field trip, but it can be stressful for parents when the paper permission slip that is sent home is in English, and that isn’t... Read Story

School Registration Software For Schools In Budget Cuts

It seems that every year school districts and individual schools face difficult decisions due to budget issues. There are so many needs, yet almost never enough money in the budget to adequately... Read Story

Principals Using School Online Registration Advantage

Principals know that there is a wide variety of people with which to communicate in a school: students, teachers, parents, other administrators, board members, government, and community members.... Read Story

Why online forms at school are good for the environment (and your budget)

It is estimated that 34 billion sheets of paper are used in US schools per year. In fact, around the world, education is still very attached to paper.  At a time when climate change is a reality... Read Story

Why is education so reluctant to embrace technology?

After a slow start, Education starts to embrace technology as early adopters make huge cost savings As the academic year is drawing to a close, preparations are already in hand for the colossal... Read Story