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5 Things Schools Wish Parents Understood About Testing

by Barbara Saul , on March 24, 2019
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Like clockwork, the weather turns warmer, daylight lasts longer, and testing befalls schools across the country. Educators work over-time preparing students for these important exams by reviewing test-taking tips and remediating content, all the while wishing they had more support from parents.

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We believe a child’s education should be a joint effort between school and home. Afterall, teamwork makes the dream work! When it comes to testing, the same motto applies, and most of the things parents can do to support testing are quite simple, staring with ensuring their kid actually goes to school!

With that in mind, here’s a list of five things schools wish parents understood about testing.

Get your kid to school!

It goes without saying students need to be in school, especially on test days. Not only that, but parents need to understand how important it is that their kiddos arrive on time and ready to roll.So much preparation and organization goes into every detail of every testing day; when students come in late or, worse!, are absent during the exams, it only prolongs the testing season for the entire school.

Meet basic needs

We hope every child’s basic needs are always met, and this is certainly true on test days. Parents, please feed them a healthy breakfast, or make sure they’re in school early enough to get one from the cafeteria. Hug them, wish them luck, and remind them to do their best.

Help offset test anxiety

Many teachers request parents write their kids encouraging notes to read before beginning a test. This is a sweet gesture, but we suspect teachers are more interested in the science behind it: studies show confidence and support help students achieve better. So, hey Mom and Dad—slip a you-can-do-it note in your kiddo’s backpack to start their testing off on the right foot, would ya?!


Talk about testing

Students hear it all the time at school, but it would sure help to hear it at home, too: testing is important! When teachers and parents encourage their learners to take the tests seriously and try their best, the message resonates. Don’t be afraid to discuss test-taking strategies at the dinner table or…

Incentivize achievement

We’ve seen parents do it with sports: get a hit/score a goal/make a basket and we’ll go for ice cream after the game. Why not up the academic ante, too? Treat your kiddo to a dinner of his choice or promise to take over his chores for the day to celebrate the end of a successful testing season. Bonus: offer another incentive if he scores well. Money talks, but so do Amazon gift cards!


If you’re a district looking to open lines of communication between school and home—during testing season and beyond—book a personal tour now. The tour takes less than 15-minutes and trust us when we say: your teachers will thank you!

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