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There’s a hopeful tone to the beginning of each school year. Like the optimism surrounding the New Year, everyone believes in and is working toward positive change. But much like those resolutions to... Read Story

School-to-Home Communication:Standing the Test of Time

I’ve been in the business of kids, AKA education, for over two decades. A lot has changed in that time, namely the fact that I no longer wear pants to work. Which is to say, when I transitioned from... Read Story

5 Reasons to Start Back-to-School Communications NOW!

I know, I know—the end of every school year is crazy busy, like we’re hanging on by a thread. But I also know if we can get the ball rolling for next year now, we’ll appreciate it come fall. As we... Read Story

Ask Ravi: Five Reasons the School-to-Home Communication Gap Still Exists

On any given school day, educators are tasked with making approximately 1,500 decisions. To put that into perspective, they make an average of one decision every four minutes during their six-hour... Read Story

5 Things Schools Wish Parents Understood About Testing

Like clockwork, the weather turns warmer, daylight lasts longer, and testing befalls schools across the country. Educators work over-time preparing students for these important exams by reviewing... Read Story

ABCs for Field Trips - our top tips for a great day out

Students love a good field trip! Free from the confines of their classroom, kidsare excited for a break from the school routine. Educators and parentsappreciate the way hands-on learning is disguised... Read Story

How Much Time Does it Take for Your School to Manage Online Registration?

There are many people involved in the school registration process, but the day-to-day management falls primarily on our front office staff. Between creating and updating forms, copying, filing,... Read Story

Save Time and Hassle Using Online Permission Slips

At a glance, permission slips seem simple. In fact, when considered in the whole field-trip-planning process, printing and collecting permission slips is one of the least complicated tasks. Read Story

How Do We Get Parents On Board with Online Permission Slips?

The administrators understand the value of electronic school forms. The teachers understand that adopting technological advancements decrease their workload. Now that all the internal staff is on... Read Story

How Do You Implement Digital Forms in a School District?

Paper forms, digital forms, online forms - forms, forms, forms! Read Story